This is a nursing treatment aiming to restore healthy and aesthetic appearance to the nails and retain adequate level of moisture to the hands. Treatment includes shaping the nails and removing the cuticles, applying nail enamel (optional) and afterwards moisturizing hands and nails.



SPA by OPI rituals are not only the highest quality nursing treatments for hands and nails but also a time to relax for you and your senses. Products from this line contain alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin complexes, energising botanical extracts, soothing, moisturizing substances and antioxidants. After those treatments hands are exceptionally smooth, refined and regenerated. Treatments involve aromatic hands bath, sugar scrub, relaxing massage and application of nail enamel (optional). The following selection of OPI rituals is available at our salon:


Chamomile acts soothing on our senses, it decreases stress levels and is rich in antioxidants that will take care of our skin. Honey aroma will bring us closer to the nature whereas mint scent will invigorate and refresh us.


This treatment is an aromatic mixture of brisk, fresh and cool cucumber with a scent of magnetic pineapple.


Products from this line contain softening coconut extract, energizing citrus fruit essence as well as antioxidants, vitamins and moisturizing substances.



Japanese manicure P.Shine is a method that gained recognition among women around the world. It is particularly recommended for brittle and splitting nails. This treatment improves condition of the nails by reinforcing them and giving them healthy pinkish colour and shine. It involves buffing into the nail plate special clay from the Sea of Japan, which includes A, E, H vitamins, keratin and bee pollen. It is a very effective treatment if systematically done. For the best results we advise to repeat this treatment 2 or 3 times.



OPI GelColor it is the latest technology of a product you have never seen before. It is targeted to clients who want they nail polish to last longer and has an exceptional shine without any scratches on the surface. GelColor has a unique light gel formula, which consists of very fine molecules that allow the enamel to let air in. The application process is quick and easy plus thanks to the fact that this product doesn’t bond with the nail surface too strong the removal process is safe to the nail. GelColor doesn’t cause any damage to the nail therefore it is a perfect alternative to the traditional nail polishes. This treatment consists of a classic manicure, which is concluded by applying GelColor enamel.